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The best college football uniforms are, for the most part, the classics that haven’t really changed in decades; Penn State, Michigan, Alabama and USC come to mind. Buffalo Sabres jerseys.But as technology advances, manufacturers are able to create better-performing jerseys that breathe better, stretch better and just plain-ol’ look better.

That’s why while complete design overhauls are few and far between, college football uniforms are constantly being tweaked and modernized, particularly when a school switches its equipment provider. Chicago Cubs jerseys.Adidas has a different design style than Under Armour, and both are different from Nike, etc. This season will be UCLA’s and California’s first as Under Armour schools, and North Carolina is making the switch from Nike to Jordan Brand, so all three schools have new digs that are slightly different. cheap nfl jerseys china.Other schools have adopted new designs just to freshen things up, and as you’ll see below, the trend has been to simplify things.

Cal is also making the switch to Under Armour, having been with Nike previously. The new uniforms are more of a classic look; the yellow collar is out while stripes are in. wholesale nfl jerseys.The four-lined stripe is apparently an ode to the famous Sather Tower—also known as The Campanile—on Cal’s campus, though I don’t exactly see the connection. The Cubs will wear the uniforms during their three-game series in Philadelphia, while the White Sox will be at home against Detroit. custom baseball jerseys.As for how the two Chicago teams stack up, the White Sox come out as the clear winner in terms of both creativity and overall look.I assume that not all desired nicknames were rated G, so perhaps that had some effect. Also, full disclosure: I was not able to translate, with confidence, a few of the White Sox’s nicknames. wholesale nfl jerseys.But they get credit for being creative.